Thari Kanji.

Thari Kanji Recipe / Thari Kachiyathu / Malabar Special Thari Kanji / Ramadan Iftar Special.

Thari Kanji Recipe / Malabar Special Nombuthura Dish Thari Kanji / Thari Kachiyathu Nombuthura, Iftar Dish for Ramadan / Nombu Kanji / Malabar Special Thari Kanji Recipe / How to Make Thari Kanji.

Ramadan is almost upon us. I had to post this before Ramadan gets over. No Ramadan or Iftar gets over without having this drink at least once.

Ramadan Kareem to one and all. Let the spirit of Ramadan remain in your hearts and light up your souls from within.

Normally some people break their fast with a glass of water and with some fruits including dry fruits and frsh fruits. Here I am posting a Malabar dish for Iftar that is, Thari Kanji, which is very easy to make.

I am having many already prepared Ramadan recipes for Iftar. Today I am posting a quick Ramadan Iftar dish, Thari Kanji / Thari Kachiyathu. This recipe explains how to make Malabar Special Nombuthura dish / Iftar Dish for Ramadan Thari Kanji – Thari Kachiyath as Nombuthura.

This drink is healthy as it settles the stomach by easing the cramps come from suddenly having the food after a day of abstinence from food and water.

After tasting this drink, Reji told me that it tasted like Semiya Payasam!.

Servings: 3

Ingredients Required for Malabar Thari Kanji:

Milk – 2 cups
Coconut mIlk – 1 ½ cups
Rava / semolina – 3 tbsp.
Boiled water – ½ cup
Sugar – ¾ cup
Cashews – 1 tbsp.
Raisins – 1 tbsp.
Cardamom Pods – 4
Shallots – 2 finely chopped
Ghee – 1 tbsp.
Salt – a pinch.

How to Make Ramadan Thari Kanji:

Heat 1 table spoon Ghee in a pan on medium flame. Once it is hot enough, add Raisins and give it a stir. Once it is puffed up, remove from the pan. Next add the Cashew Nuts and stir it. Roast Cashews till it turns golden brown. Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon and keep aside. To the left over ghee in same pan, add the chopped Onion and sauté it till it turns golden brown. Remove and keep it aside.

In the same pan add the Semolina / Rava and dry roast for a couple of minutes. (If you are using the unroasted rava, the dry roast it till you get a nice aroma). Add boiled Water to this and mix slowly without forming lumps and mix well. Next and the Milk slowly and stir continuously without forming lumps. To this add the Sugar and stir. Add Salt and mix to balance the Sugar you added. Next add the crushed Cardamom Pods followed by the Milk and the Coconut Milk. Stir well.

Eventually add the roasted Raisins, Cashews and Shallots. Mix well and adjust the consistency as per your likeness by adding little thin coconut milk. Heat for one minute. Yummy and delicious Thari Kanji is ready to be served now either hot or chilled.

My Recipe Notes on Thari Kachiyathu:

1. Even if you are using the readymade roasted rava, it’s always better to roast it for a couple of minutes by continuously stirring it on low flame in the beginning. But I have roasted in the left over ghee in the same pan after roasting raisins and cashew nuts.
2. You can use both milk and coconut milk or either of them, but the total amount should be the same for the same amount of semolina you use and for the same consistency.
I have used whole milk and thick coconut milk here. You can use even coconut milk extracted like 1st coconut milk and 2nd coconut milk. In such case use 3 1.2 cups of thin coconut milk and 1 cup of thick coconut milk.
3. The amount of semolina is dependent on how thick you want it. The above amount, ie., one table spoon / 1 cup gives the kanji in pouring consistency. If you want it thick like a pudding, then increase it to double.
4. Adjust the quantity of sugar as per your taste buds. If the sweetness from the sugar you added is not enough for you, add little more. For us ¾ th cup of sugar was right enough.
5. You can use crushed cardamom instead of Cardamom Powder.
6. Traditional Thari Kanji use onion / shallots, but if you want to avoid it you can.
7. Some people add few strands of vermicelli to this dish, but personally I don’t prefer it.

Happy Ramadan.. Happy Iftar.. Cheers.. Seena.


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Semolina Payasam Recipe / Thari Kachiyathu – Iftar Dish / Rava Payasam – Nombuthura / Semolina Kheer / Sweet Semolina Drink – A Ramadan Special Drink / Thari Kanji – Semolina Milk Drink / / Ramadan Thari Kanji / Rava Kachiyathu.

തരി കഞ്ഞി റെസിപ്പി.

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 20 mins Calories: 607.50 / 1 cup / 250 grams.


Nombuthura vibhavangal Thari Kanji, this recipe explains how to make Malabar Special Nombuthura dish / Iftar Dish for Ramadan Thari Kanji - Thari Kachiyathu.

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