Kerala Vattayappam.

Kerala Style Vattayappam Recipe / Vatteppam Recipe / Steamed Rice Cake

Kerala Vattayappam Recipe / Kerala Vatteppam Recipe / How to Make Kerala Vattayappam Recipe / Kerala Steamed Rice Cake
You must be wondering what is this Vattayappam. ‘Vatta’ in our language means, round and ‘Appam’ means bread. So, Vattayappam means Round soft bread which is having a unique taste that inspires you to keep on making it. .

Vattayappam is Kerala’s traditional fermented and steamed rice pancake. It is a very popular for breakfast and even as a tea time dish in the central Travancore (mid of Kerala). Vattayappam really fills our belly. It is good as a picnic snack too or as a ‘nalumani palaharam’, a tea time snack.

For me if this is ready in my refrigerator, it would be very helpful in the morning before going to school. Just take some few pieces and steam it again, your breakfast is ready.

Main ingredients in this bread are Rice, Coconut and Yeast. We can use either Instant Yeast or Active Dry Yeast. For both the cooking instructions varies. To know about the different ways of making vattayappam by using Instant yeast and Active Dry Yeast, 
Click Here. .

We garnish Vattayappam with either raisins or with cashew nuts, or with both. Cardamom plays a major role to give flavour to this Vattayappam.

Vattayappam is my weakness and my all-time favourite breakfast dish. It is a delicacy of Christian homes in Kerala and we indulge in its taste. The biggest advantage I find in this recipe is its easy preparation. It’s a must to go dish for Christmas too. We get to see this vattayappam and Kozhukattai in the bakeries of Kerala these days.

I can recollect something now. Almost two years back, during my vacation, I visited one of my friend’s house without informing her in advance. After few minutes, she brought both vattayappam and kozhukattas and placed it in front of me. I just grabbed one and started eating.. I asked her, “both dishes you made on the same day”? (Because, normally we make one dish with rice powder at a time.”). She said, “hey Seena, I bought these from the nearby bakery”. I exclaimed, oh my Goodness!! from the bakery?” ? hmm, she said, “yes dear, but why did you ask like that”? I responded, “bakeries in Kerala started selling these stuffs”? and, she said, “yep, you don’t know that, it’s so easy for me now Seena. My kids love it. When kids come back from school, it’s of so helpful. I buy it regularly”. I was so happy hearing it!! You can guess the reason, right? These days when I go to a bakery in Kerala, I ask them for these two dishes. hey, it’s so easy na?.. 

So here goes the recipe of Kerala Vattayappam / Steamed Rice Cake

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Fermentation Time – 4 to 5 hours
Cooking Time: 10 – 15 Minutes
Servings: 6
Calories: 830

Ingredients for Kerala Vattayappam:
1 ½ cups of Raw White Rice / Pachari
1 ½ cup cooked raw rice
1 cup fresh grated Coconut
¾ – 1 cup of Sugar
1 pinch of Roasted Cumin Powder
½ to ¾ tsp. Instant Yeast
2 pinches of Salt
2 Cardamom Pods crushed
2 tbsp. ghee fried Raisins
2 tbsp. roasted or ghee fried Cashews
Required amount of Water (refer notes)

How to Make Steamed Rice Pancake:

Wash the raw rice / pachari and soak it in the water for minimum 4 – 5 hours. Drain it Take a mixer bowl and add the rice, cooked rice, coconut, instant yeast and salt together. Grind it by adding just enough water to a fine, smooth and thick batter. Pour this batter to a big bowl which can hold the full fermented batter. Transfer the batter to a big bowl. Cover it with a lid and keep it in a warm place for fermentation.

Take a cake tin or a flat bottom round pan and grease it with a tea spoon of either butter or ghee. Keep it aside. Heat 1 tbsp. ghee in a frying pan and roast raisins and cashews until golden brown and keep it aside.

When the batter rises and look foamy, add sugar, crushed cardamom pods and cumin powder. Mix and combine well. Keep it aside again to rise it for one 20 – 30 minutes.

Heat up water in an idli steamer or a pressure cooker (without pressure regulator) or electric cooker. Pour the fermented batter to the greased pan ¾ th full. Now add the roasted cashews and raisins here and there. When the steam starts to come, place the batter pan carefully in to the steamer. Close the lid and steam it on medium flame for 15 to 20 minutes. Switch of the stove and take out the pan from the steamer.

Let it cool to the room temperature. Invert the pan to a plate. Slice it into desired shapes. The sweet and delicious Vattayappam is now ready to be served. Serve it with tea or coffee.

My Recipe Notes and Tips on Vattayappam Recipe:

1. 1 tsp. of Active Dry Yeast = 2/3 tsp. of Instant Yeast or ¼ tbsp.. of Instant Yeast. If you are using Active Dry Yeast, take 1/3 cup of luke warm water in a small bowl; add 1/2 tsp. of Active Dry Yeast and 2 tsp. sugar. Mix it well and pour this mixture to the batter while mixing everything.

2. You can make it with rice powder too. I plan to post its recipe here later. Grinding the cooked rice will make the vattayappam soft. Soak Rice for minimum for 3 hours.

3. Use fresh and good quality yeast to make Vattayappam. I have used Instant Yeast which is so easy and fast. It would be ready in 2 or 3 hours. Otherwise we have to wait for a longer period to get it fermented.

4. Use the freshly grated coconut to make Vattayappam to get its authentic taste.

5. Adjust the sugar as per your liking. You can use jaggery too instead of sugar. In that case, take jaggery and add little water and heat it. Once it melts, filter it by using a sieve and let it cool down. Once it is completely at the room temperature, pour it in the batter.

6. Adding sugar after fermentation will make the batter little looser. So adjust the consistency (idli batter consistency) of the batter while grinding itself.

7. Take care of the consistency of the batter. The batter consistency should be just like idli batter. It should not be too thin or too thick.

8. Adding raisins and cashews is optional, but I always add it as it brings in wonderful taste. You can ghee roast cashews and raisins and add it here.

9. Use the shallow round pan to make Vattayappam. Since I was not having a pan like that, I have used a Fluted Ring cake tin.

10. Greasing the pan with butter / ghee / any cooking oil is a must to do work here before pouring the batter in to the pan. It will make the bread come out fast without any hassle. Fill only ¾ th of the pan.

11. Place the batter tin in to the steamer only after steam starts to come.

12. Check the doneness of the vattayappam by inserting a tooth pick. When the Vattayappam is done perfectly it will come off from the sides of the pan a bit.

Serve Kerala Vattayappam with your loved ones.. 

Stage wise Pictures of Making Kerala Vattayappam.


Your Ingredients..









Serve Vattayappam.. 

Happy Cooking..


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Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 15 mins


Learn how to make traditional breakfast or snack dish Kerala Style Rice Pancake or Vattayappam. It is a steamed snack made with rice, coconut and sugar.

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