Chicken in Cream Sauce.

Chicken in Cream Sauce Recipe / How to Make Chicken in Cream Sauce

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Hi all, how are you all? One more week left. Hope things are going good for all of you.

Today I am presenting a super, simple chicken dish which is a complete meal for dinner. It is one of my favourite chicken dishes. Chicken in Creamy Sauce. It is incredibly easy and delicious too. Some leftover chicken breasts were there in the refrigerator, and I wanted to make use of it. This Creamy Chicken was the first chicken meal that I have made in a while! I couldn’t believe how easy and amazing it was!

It is healthy and packed with flavour. This dish will make your taste buds inviting with the mixture of cream, butter and pepper.

When I started writing content for this, again I started craving for this, as it is not a new recipe I made. But I made it few months back.. Let me see, if possible, I will make it this week end too. Because it has such a delicious creamy taste..

This tastes like straight from a restaurant. To give an appealing colour to the dish, add green onions in the end too..

It is a perfect dinner for your family and friends. This Chicken is to die for.. Melt in your mouth chicken.. It was so tender and juicy.. Whoever tasted this dish ended up wiping their plate clean.. 🙂 You gotta try it..

Here comes the complete procedure of making Chicken in Cream Sauce.

Servings: 2 or 3

Ingredients for Chciken in Cream Sauce:

Chicken Breast – 2 (skinless and boneless)
Salted Butter – 2 tbsp.
Sour Cream – ½ to ¾ cup
Black Pepper Powder – 1 tsp.
Salt – to taste
Green Onion / Spring Onion – few strands.

How to Make Pan Fried Chicken in Cream Sauce:

Chop the spring onions and keep it aside. Marinate Chicken Breast with salt and pepper. Keep it in the refrigerator minimum for 2 hours.

Heat butter on a pan / skillet on medium heat. When it melts and starts browning, add the marinated chicken breast halves. Cover the pan with its lid. Let it simmer for 7 to 10 minutes on low flame. Remove the lid and turn over the chicken breasts. Again cover with its lid and let it simmer for another 5 to 8 minutes. Add the chopped spring onions and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Let the chicken cook until the juices run clear.

Check the salt and sprinkle if it requires.

Turn off the stove and pour in the sour cream. Mix it slowly. Cover the pan with its lid. Let it rest on the counter top for few minutes. You can have it as it is or if you prefer, serve it with any noodle dish. Mix well before serving.

My Recipe Notes on Chicken in a Cream Sauce:

1. If you want you can mash the meat with meat masher before marinating.
2. Don’t forget to refrigerate the marinated chicken.
3. Cook it on the medium flame throughout, otherwise the outer layer of the chicken might turn out dry and the inner layer may not cook properly.
4. Adjust the spices as per your tolerance level.
5. You can even use White Pepper Powder instead of black pepper powder.
6. Advised to use both white and green part of spring onions.
7. The amount of cream is optional. The more you add, the more the taste.. (but, not more than ¾ cup.. )
8. The time required for cooking depends on the thickness of the chicken breast. Use the medium sized chicken breasts, the larger the size, longer the time required to cook it.

Happy Cooking.. Cheers.. Seena.


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ചിക്കൻ ഇൻ ക്രീം സോസ് റെസിപ്പി.

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 25 mins


Learn how to make Chicken in cream sauce. Here, chicken is cooked to absolute perfection in cream sauce, which is a complete meal for dinner.

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