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Tri Color Spaghetti Recipe / How To Make Tri Color Pasta Casserole / Baked Spaghetti / Cheesy Spaghetti Casserole / Best Baked Spaghetti Casserole

Tri Color Spaghetti Recipe / How To Make Tri Color Pasta Casserole / Baked Spaghetti / Cheesy Spaghetti Casserole / Best Baked Spaghetti Casserole

Hi all, India will be celebrating its 70th Republic Day on this Saturday, 26th January 2019. The day is celebrated to commemorate the date when the Constitution of India, which was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on November 26 in 1949, which finally came into effect on January 26, 1950.

This day reminds us of the great makers of our constitution who strengthened the idea of a unified Indian republic.

Today I am posting a Tri Colour Pasta to celebrate the day. I know that these are not those three colours on the flag, the tri colour meant for an Indian.

I love making easy yet tasty pasta dishes like this one, on weekdays. Here I have used the tri colour pasta that I bought from Europe on our last visit. If you have yet to unleash this culinary treat to your family, then do it right away. I am sure kids and adults as well go absolutely crazy for it.

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Here goes the recipe of Baked Casserole Tri-color Spaghetti.. 

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4
Calories: 340 / 1 ½ cups

Ingredients for Tri Color Pasta:

Tri colour Pasta – 500 grams
Onion chopped – 2 medium
Galrlic, crushed – 4 medium
Tinned sweet Corn – 1 cup
Cheddar Cheese Grated – 1 cup
Cottage Cheese grated – 1 cup (optional)
Tomato, blanched – 1 cup
Black Pepper Powder – 1 ½ tsp.
Vegetable Stock, cubed – 1 or 2
Salted Butter – 3 cubes
Oregano – 1 tsp. (or mixed herbs)
Olive Oil - as required
Salt - to taste

How to Make Spaghetti Casserole:

Take a large pot and load up with lots of water. Salt the water. Bring the water to a full, rolling boil (for taking the photo even before the water boiled, I put the pasta in the water, after the click, I removed the pasta and waited until the water boiled completely.. ) Keep stirring. Drain it in a colander and keep it aside.

In another pan, add 1 tbsp. Olive oil and butter. When it is hot, add the chopped onion and sauté for a minute. Then add the crushed garlic and sauté. Next add the sweet corn and mix. Add the blanched and pureed tomato and 1 ½ tsp. salt at this stage. Mix well and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Mix and check the salt and add if required. Add the Black Pepper Powder too and mix well. Next pour in the Vegetable Stock you prepared. Next comes the turn of cheese… Add the grated Cheddar Cheese and the grated Cottage Cheese. Mix well and let it come to a slight boil. Switch off the flame.

Take a wide oven proof dish pan and transfer half of the cooked tri coloured pasta/spaghetti to this pan. Spread it evenly. Next add half of the cooked onion, tomato and cheese mixture. Spread it evenly. Again spread the remaining cooked pasta and then the onion, tomato and cheese mixture and spread it evenly.

Bake at 350 F / 170 degree Celsius for about 12 to 15 minutes.

My Recipe Notes on Tri-colour Pasta Casserole:

1. Use any pasta of your choice.
2. Check the pasta packaging for the cooking period. Cooking time of pasta vary according to the shape, amount and type of pasta (gluten-free, whole-wheat etc.). Once the pasta is cooked, it will rise to the surface and float when ready. Overcooked pasta will break down and become crabby mush.
3. Adding oil to the pasta while boiling it could leave your pasta too slick.
4. Don`t do a cold-water rinse on your pasta once cooking is done. That washes away all the starches that bind it to the sauce and the delicious salty flavour.
5. I have used Italian tinned and blanched tomato. You can even use fresh tomatoes. If you are using fresh tomatoes, 2 or 3 medium sized tomatoes would be fine.
6. If you like to add more veggies in this add the veggies of your choice. I just have used tomatoes and onions. But it’s completely optional.
7. Garlic is the queen of this dish. Be careful to sauté it on sim only till it gets golden colour, otherwise you will get the raw flavour for the dish. If you do it on high flame, it will become dark brown and bitter.
8. You can substitute dried herbs with fresh herbs.
9. Adding Cottage cheese is completely optional. You can add Cheddar cheese alone. Increase or decrease the amount of cheese as per your requirement. But adding 1 ½ to 2 cups of grated cheese would definitely make the dish delicious.
10. Keep the dish in the middle rack of the oven and give the heat source both from top and bottom side.
11. You can add shrimp or other sea food in this casserole.

Stagewise Images of Pasta Casserole..

Ingredients for Tri-color Spaghetti Casserole.











Serve Spaghetti Casserole.. 

Happy Baking..




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  • New Wayne (2019-01-29 23:24:22)
    Looks delicious as well as creative.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-30 22:31:22)
    Thank you Wayne.
  • Sofia Asan Ali (2019-01-27 13:12:55)
    So creative and delicious ones for this auspicious day!
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-29 23:29:15)
    Thank you Sofi. You are always welcome.
  • Sam George Jacob (2019-01-27 12:49:28)
    Happy Republic Day Chechi... Stay Blessed.. Yummy Food
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-29 23:28:21)
    Thanks Sam. Happy Republic Day to you too.
  • Johnette Robinson (2019-01-27 12:09:55)
    Looks great.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-27 12:39:41)
    Thank you Johnette.
  • Becca Jones (2019-01-27 12:08:41)
    Looks delicious.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-27 12:31:21)
    Thanks Becca.
  • Ravi Kelkar (2019-01-27 12:07:05)
    So tempting.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-27 12:27:44)
    Thanks Ravi.
  • Lina Bora (2019-01-27 11:57:01)
    Good morning. Awesome casserole dish.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-27 12:25:07)
    Thanks Lina.
  • Veena Nair (2019-01-26 15:15:40)
    Yummy and delicious casserole Seena.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-26 15:26:09)
    Thanks Veena.

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