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Tiny Kozhukattas / Tiny Rice Flour Sweet Dumplings

Tiny Kozhukattas / Tiny Rice Flour Sweet Dumplings

Tiny Kozhukattas Recipe / How to Make Ammini Kozhukattas.

I hope my Indian friends are not hearing about this recipe for the first time. When I was searching for something different to be made for the breakfast, this usual dish of my mom got stuck in my head. I used to see my mom making it for breakfast. When we were small kids, we used to pester mom for making something for evening snacks. My mom makes the bigger version Kozhukattas with jaggery and coconut filling for breakfast and sometimes as an evening snack. Tiny Kozhukattas is not a new recipe for me since  my childhood. Seeing those small lemon sized shining Kozhukattas in plates made us hungrier and we used to finish off the whole stock in minutes. As kids we loved it. Now coming to this recipe, it is so soft Kozhukattas and its stays so soft for a long time. This ish is also related to Ganesh Chathurthi, a hindu festival of India. 

The best thing about this breakfast dish is that it doesn’t need any side dish and so we can make it so fast on busy days too. But still you can serve it with some grated jaggery, spicy pickles or some idli podi. It will be mouth watering. I love to have it with pickles since it tastes great with pickles.. 

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Preparation time - 5 minutes
Cooking time - 12 to 15 minutes
Calories - 190 / 50 grams

Ingredients for Ammini Kozhukattas

Rice Powder (roasted) - 2 cups
Coconut grated - 1 cup
Sugar powder – ½ to ¾ cups
Cumin seeds – ¼ tsp
Cardamom Powder – ¼ tsp
Salt - a pinch
Boiled Water – 1+ cup

How to make  Undrallu:

Boil the required water and keep it aside.  Grease a tin or a plate with little oil and keep it aside.

Take a big bowl and add all the dry ingredients and mix it well. Now add Coconut and mix it well. Slowly add the boiled water and mix well with a spatula. Knead well to get a smooth and soft dough. Make small lemon size balls with this dough using your palm. Place these tiny kozhukattas in a steamer. Cover with its lid and cook for 10 minutes on medium flame.

Your soft tiny kozhukattas are ready. Serve it hot.

My Recipe Notes on Seasoned Kozhukattas:

1. You can use Rice Powder or wheat flour for this. If you are using wheat flour, be careful about the quantity of water to mix the flour since it needs less water compared to the rice flour.
2. Adding boiled water makes the dough softer.
3. You can add ½ cup hot milk; in that case reduce the quantity of water. Adding milk will make the rice balls softer and extra tasty.
4. You can mix cashews or any dry fruits to make it more healthy and flavourful.
5. Mine was a bit over roasted Rice flour. So it’s not that much white in colour.
Pictorial of Poornam Kudumulu


Take all Ingredients


Happy Cooking..




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  • Jobeth (2017-01-04 10:02:27)
    Nicely presented rice dumplings and so appetizing!
    Seena Koshy (2017-01-22 23:30:24)
    Thanks a lot Jobeth..
  • Harini (2015-05-16 20:12:46)
    wonderful food styling and Looking delicious
    Seena Koshy (2015-05-16 23:55:21)
    Thank you Harini..
  • Salmon Joseph (2015-03-29 09:58:35)
    Definitely will be making this...
    Seena Koshy (2015-03-29 19:35:46)
    thanks Salmon..
  • Aswathy Pradeep (2015-03-29 09:58:07)
    WOW this looks incredible!!!
    Seena Koshy (2015-03-29 19:36:41)
    thanks Aswathy..
  • Swetha Francis (2015-03-29 09:57:23)
    How nice to wake up to this post!!!!
    Seena Koshy (2015-03-30 04:05:20)
    thanks Swetha.. Keep visiting..
  • Anjitha Mathew (2015-03-29 09:56:39)
    This looks sooo good...
    Seena Koshy (2015-03-30 04:03:42)
    Thanks Anjitha..
  • Santhana Mariam (2015-03-29 09:56:00)
    Kozhukattas my favourite breakfast..
    Seena Koshy (2015-03-30 04:04:31)
    Thanks Santhana.. mine too..
  • Treat and Trick (2015-03-16 09:03:16)
    Well explained and looks so yum!
    Seena Koshy (2015-03-16 19:55:44)
    Thank you for your appreciation!
  • beena (2014-10-11 15:43:48)
    Kodukatta looks yummy
    Seena Koshy (2014-10-12 17:13:59)
    Thank You

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