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Kerala Style Egg Roast Recipe / Nadan Egg Roast / Mutta Roast Nadan Style / How to Make Kerala Egg Roast

 Kerala Style Egg Roast Recipe / Nadan Egg Roast / Mutta Roast Nadan Style / How to Make Kerala Egg Roast

Nadan Egg Roast Recipe / Kerala Egg Roast Recipe / Nadan Mutta Roast Recipe / Egg Curry / How to Make Kerala Egg Roast.

Today I am postig Kerala Style Nadan Egg Roast.  

I decided to stay home this Saturday as I have been so tired of the last one week’s school work as a teacher.. Uff, hope you can very well imagine the work load related to it and how much we would be occupied. I was pretty bored around here and was going through my picture folders. This yummy looking Nadan Egg roast caught my attention; my mouth started watering and decided this Nadan Egg Roast as my next post. The recipe of this is from my mom, a very common dish from my parental house.

This is not my latest recipe; it was made few months back. I should have drafted this post much earlier!

Nadan Egg Roast is easy and simple side dish to make. It goes well with a multitude of dishes. Its main ingredients are onions, tomatoes and some spices. This dish can be made instantly for breakfast, dinner or when you have surprise guests.

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Egg is a common global celebrity, which promises whole lot of health benefits. It can be made instantly for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This egg roast can be made from mild to hot depending on how much spice you prefer.

The humble egg has impressive health credentials, though the health benefits of egg outweigh the negative criticism of cholesterol content. Eggs are regarded a COMPLETE source of protein as they contain all eight essential amino acids. It was recommended that people with high cholesterol levels avoid eggs, but now the cholesterol content is much lower than it was years before and the studies say the reduction is attributed to the changes in hen feed. So, Egg eaters and Egg lovers you can write Egg in the first place of your shopping list.
Go and grab this Kerala Style Nadan Egg Roast..

Nadan Egg Roast
is a dish one can find in most of the menu cards in Kerala Restaurants. The preferred combination is with
Vellayappam or KallappamPalappam or Appam, Idiyappam  etc..

So let´s get started..  

Prep Time - 10 minutes
Cooking Time - 20 minutes
Serves - 4
Calories - 199 / 1 roasted egg.

Ingredients for making Nadan Egg Roast:

Eggs (Boiled, shelled and slit slightly) – 4
Onion – 3 large, halved and thinly sliced lengthwise.
Tomatoes – 2 finely chopped
Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste - 2 tsp.
Fennel Seeds / perumjeerakam – ¼ tsp
Turmeric powder - /4 tsp
Kashmiri Chilly Powder – 1 tbsp
Red chilly Powder – 1 tsp
Corrider Powder – 1 ½ tsp
Homemade Garam Masala Powder - ½ tsp.
Crushed pepper corns – ½ tsp
Green chilli, slit– 1 (optional)
Curry leavsc-1 sprig
Coconut Oil – 1 tbsp
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Warm Water – ½ cup

Method of Making Kerala Style Nadan Egg Roast:

Boil eggs with salt. Drain the salt water, shell it and keep it aside. I also put a few gashes on the boiled eggs and added these to the pan and cooked along with the onion gravy to get the spices in to the egg. Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the boiling egg turning it frequently until they start turn brown and keep it aside.

In the same pan sauté the chopped onions till translucent. Add homemade Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste and sauté it until it gives off it aroma and gets brown golden. Now add green chillies and curry leaves and sauté. Add all spice powders except Homemade Garam Masala Powder and sauté until raw smell is gone. Add crushed pepper corns and mix it well. Next add tomatoes and sauté till the tomatoes are smashed well and oil separates from the pan. You can add salt at this point. Then add water and stir to combine. Let it come to boil. Now add Garam masala and sauté it well. Add the fried eggs and toss it well.

Reduce heat to low and simmer for a few minutes until spices are absorbed, about 4 to 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add ¼ cup of warm water if gravy gets too dry. Remove from the stove. Nadan Egg roast is now ready for serving.

Serve with
Idiyappam, Vellayappam or Kallappam, Palappam or Appam  etc.

My Recipe Notes on Nadan Egg Roast:

1) Eggs should be cooked at a medium heat and should not be over cooked. Its easy to remove the shell once it is boiled and cooked to perfection.
2) Adding salt in the boiling water prevents cracking of eggs while boiling
3) One tip here to save the fuel consumption while boiling Egg. Once the eggs are boiled, switch off the stove, remove from the heat source and close the pan with its lid. Don’t drain off the water. Let it rest in the boiled water with its closed lid. Once the water gets cooled, eggs would be perfectly done. This is how I make since long.
4) Making gashes allow masala go deep inside the egg and make it tasty.
5) You can add ¼ cup water if you feel the gravy is too dry.
6) Do not stir the gravy too much after adding eggs, or else eggs might crumble.
7) I have added normal Chilli Powder / Paprika to enhance the gravy. To get an appealing reddish colour, you can use kashmiri chilli powder.
8) Those who prefer more gravy can add 1 cup warm water and then let it come to a boil.

Serve Kerala Style Nadan Egg Roast.. 

Happy Cooking..




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Naadan Mutta Roast / Kerala Egg Roast Masala / Kerala Style Nadan Egg Roast / Spicy Egg Roast / Egg Roast Curry / Dry Egg Curry.

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  • Aji (2018-01-23 01:42:15)
    Great work and thanks for sharing
    Seena Koshy (2018-01-28 13:50:53)
    You are welcome Aji.. Hope you have done it..
  • Sequoia (2017-01-03 23:50:29)
    The real Egg Roast from Kerala. Your pictures look so tempting Seena.
    Seena Koshy (2017-01-21 23:54:14)
    haha.. Love it really Sequoia.. Thank you..
  • Rosy sabu (2016-10-14 22:42:58)
    Seena. Kollam. Thanks
    Seena Koshy (2016-10-15 21:16:49)
    Appreciate you for stepping in to this blog and commenting here.. Thanks Rosy.. :)
  • beena (2016-10-14 12:48:02)
    Super tempting egg roast
    Seena Koshy (2016-10-14 15:24:28)
    Thanks Beena.. :)
  • Nima Ann Shaji (2015-03-29 12:39:29)
    Reminds me of breakfast...
    Seena Koshy (2015-03-29 19:35:01)
    yep, this is one of the best accompaniments with breakfast in Kerala homes..

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