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Kerala Style Vellayappam Recipe / Kallappam Recipe / Appam Recipe / Christmas Special Vellayappam / Easter Special Vellayappam / Kerala Breakfast Recipe Vellayappam / കേരള വെള്ളയപ്പം റെസിപ്പി / കള്ളപ്പം റെസിപ്പി

Kerala Style Vellayappam Recipe / Kallappam Recipe / Appam Recipe / Christmas Special Vellayappam / Easter Special Vellayappam / Kerala Breakfast Recipe Vellayappam / കേരള വെള്ളയപ്പം റെസിപ്പി / കള്ളപ്പം റെസിപ്പി

Fermented Rice Pancakes.

Here is another breakfast item from Kerala, Vellayappam or known by another name Kalllappam. It is a Kerala delicacy. This is very similar to
Kerala Palappam recipe which is having crispy brown thin edges and fluffy sponge middle area. The difference between the two is the addition of shallots, cumin seeds in Vellayappam. Palappam has a lace border other than vellayappam which is having a round shape thick border. We make palappam in an Appachatti or Appam pan whereas Vellayappam we make on a flat thava or a pan. 

I love to make Vellappam more than Palappam, because of its cumin and shallots flavor and can easily make two or three Vellayappams at a time on a flat thava other than Palappam. 

The traditional way of making Vellayappam is by mixing rice flour with coconut milk, kurukku (kappi kachiyathu) and kallu /toddy.

This method is a bit tedious one and above that availability of toddy is so difficult now a days..

Preparation Time: 10 minutes + soaking time (6 hours)
Cooking time – 20 minutes
Serves – many

Ingredients for Vellayappam:

Raw Ric / Pachari – 2 cups
Cooked rice – 4 tbsp. heaped
Grated Coconut – 1 ½ cups
Shallots / kunjulli – 5
Cumin seeds / jeerakam – 2 tsp.
Yeast – 1 ½ tsp.
Sugar – 3 tbsp.
Salt – a pinch
Oil – as needed
Coconut water or plain water – as needed

How to Make Vellayappam:

Wash and soak rice in water for minimum 6 hours. Grind this with all other ingredients and the soaked water or coconut water to a smooth batter. It should be thinner than the dosa batter. It should not be watery. Keep this batter aside covered with a lid overnight or minimum for 8 hours to ferment.

Now heat a thava / nonstick flat pan on medium heat. Pour a ladle full of batter and spread it slightly with the back side of the ladle in a circular shape. After one or two minutes, take the lid off and flip it over and cook the  other side for another one minute.

Serve hot with any Non Veg and veg gravies lke, Chicken Stew, Fish Molee, Vegetable Stew, Black Pepper Chicken Roast, Chettinad Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry, Nadan Beef Curry,Nadan Egg Roast, Nadan Beef Ularthiyathu, Kerala Kadala Curry etc..  

My Recipe Notes and Tips on Vellayappam:

1. How to make Kappy Kachuka or Kurukku? – Those who like to make Vellayappam by using Kappi Kachiyathu, follow this method - Take a pan and add two cups of water. Add half a cup of rice flour OR 1 1/2 tbsp. Semolina and 1 teaspoon of sugar to this. Bring it to boil by stirring it continuously without formimg lumps on low medium flame, until you get a thick paste. Now it is done. Allow it to cool before mixing it with the other ingredients.

2. I have used Instant yeast. Whether it is Instant yeast or active dry yeast, you can grind it along with all other ingredients in a grinder or in a mixer.

3. Adding coconut water is completely optional.

4. If your batter is so thick, you can dilute it by adding ¼ to ½ (depends) cup of milk.

5. The bowl that you are using to keep the batter for fermentation should be big enough to hold the fermented batter, as it doubles in volume while fermenting.

6. If you are using an iron skillet for making Vellayappam, spread little oil on the pan each time you make.

7. Adjust the sugar as per your taste buds.

Serve Vellayappam 

Happy Cooking


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  • Lourdes Princy (2019-02-11 18:49:55)
    They look like little puffy pancakes! Thanks for the recipe Seena.
    Seena Koshy (2019-02-12 00:22:09)
    Thats true. Thank you for the lovely words Princy.
  • Aley Cherian (2019-02-11 18:11:03)
    Seena , I Love your post & recipes. Keep up the good works. Stay Blessed.
    Seena Koshy (2019-02-11 21:31:41)
    Thanks Aley.
  • Dorothy (2017-01-04 06:35:21)
    Not only Vellayappam looks wonderful, but Im sure that I am going to get addicted. So exotic and delicious! Im happy we have another great recipe to try!
    Seena Koshy (2017-04-14 20:12:26)
    2017-01-22 20:58:55
  • Geri (2016-10-05 11:44:10)
    Soft and spongy Vellayappam. Love to grab that plate right now!
    Seena Koshy (2016-10-07 04:37:50)
    Thank you Geri for that superb compliment!
  • daisy louis (2016-06-22 23:08:08)
    What is kappy...kachiyadu..........
    Seena Koshy (2017-03-14 04:08:26)
    Pls. check My Recipe Notes given for this recipe VellayappaM. It is very well explained over there.
  • Jaqueline (2015-04-04 19:51:48)
    I am going to try..
    Seena Koshy (2015-04-04 20:31:53)
    ok Jaq.. Thanks for stopping by.. :)
  • remya (2015-04-04 15:55:56)
    Seena Koshy (2015-04-04 16:18:10)
    Thanks Remya..
  • beena (2015-04-04 14:15:51)
    Adipoli appam. Happy Easter
    Seena Koshy (2015-04-04 16:17:33)
    Thanks Beena.. Happy Easter to you too..

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