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Ginger Cardamom Tea / Adrak Chai

Ginger Cardamom Tea / Adrak Chai

Ginger Cardamom Tea Recipe / Inji Yelakai Tea Recipe /How to make Indian Chai / How to Make Ginger Cardamom Tea / Spice Infused Indian Style Milk Tea.

India´s addiction to tea is a gift from  colonisation. I am sure 99.99% of Indians have at least two cups of tea a day. Only varies in type of tea and method of preparation. As you know tea tasting is a profession itself!!

I am not a tea or coffee freak.. But use to take one tea in the evening, a habit I got from my mom. She used to make it in the evening when she comes home after the school hours.. She says that it’s so good for relieving one from tiredness. This Ginger Cardamom Tea improves digestion and has many other health benefits too!!

Here comes the next recipe, a simple but unavoidable thing in one’s life especially for those who have habituated to have it  several times of a day and for that matter  some people cannot work without sipping it!!  . Sometimes, I think why there are so much of utensils  for cleaning even though I made just tea or coffee!!

All of us know that there are so many ways one can make tea. I know that everybody has their own way of making tea and coffee. We get to see and experience having many kinds of tea like iced tea, lemon tea, spicy tea and many more. Here I am presenting an aromatic version of tea, Ginger Cardamom Tea. Enjoy this hot tea, which is flavoured with Cardamom and spiced with ginger.

I had this ginger cardamom tea for the first time at one of the saloons (it’s their house itself) and she is my friend too. When she offered me Ginger Cardamom Tea, I was a bit reluctant to have it at first, but later tasted it and it was was so good. Yes, It I tasted ginger and cardamom in it. I asked  her, ‘Did you add ginger in this”? She said, ‘yes’. Immediately she said, “We always make tea  this way and we all love to have tea only if it is having ginger and cardamom. I told her, “we add cardamom, but not ginger’, but this tastes awesome”!! That day itself I  decided to give it a try.. The next day I tried it. It was awesome. Then I thought of making it again for my blog..

My mom always add cardamom while making tea. Adding ginger is totally something new for me. I remember my mom used to give us black coffee on the nights when we prepare for our exams. Yeah, it’s a general thought that one won’t fall asleep fast after having black coffee or black tea.. I remember on all exam days of my 10th Boards it was there in a flask on our table!!

I make tea always with tea powder and don’t like tea bags. I usually take milk and water 1:1 ratio and then boil it. When it comes to boil, I add tea powder. Allow it to boil once again and filter it. Then add sugar. This is my every day`s tea preparation. Sometimes I make tea without adding water and with only milk, tea powder and sugar. Aww, that tastes superb!! I personally don’t prefer using tea bags. My husband always make black tea with tea bags, that I cannot even think of having it.. My husband, Reji is a coffee lover. He will fall for any kind of coffee. He doesn’t want a  full cup of coffee, but just few sips are sufficient for him. I feel so sad when we buy expensive coffees like cappuccino from shops and airports and just waste it after having some  sips!! Sometimes he offers the left over coffee to me.. Cappuchino, oh my Goodness, the whole day will be a waste for me if I have that!! My husband knows ONLY two recipes, that is Coffee and Tea,  he makes ‘perfect’ coffee and tea, but I have to be frank here, only he can drink it!! Grrr..  If I make tea and coffee for him, he gives me all instructions on how to make it, as per his taste buds..  I love to have Nescafé coffee once in a while.. Now coming back to the subject!!  

Preparation Time – 5 minutes
Cooking Time – 10 minutes
Serves – 2
Author - Seena
Nutrition - 110 Calories 

Ingredients for Making Ginger Cardamom Tea:

Whole fresh Milk – ½ litre (2 cups)
Water – 1 cup
Tea Powder or Tea leaves – 2 tsp.
Ginger , minced– 1 ½ tbsp. or ¼ to ½ tsp. Ginger Powder.
Cardamom – 3
Sugar – 2 tsp.

How I made Ginger Cardamom Tea:

Take all your ingredients. Crush ginger and cardamom and keep it aside.

Boil one cup of water in a saucepan. Once it comes to boil, simmer to low and add the crushed ginger and cardamom. Let it boil for few minutes. Add milk to this and again let it come to boil, stirring in between. Next add teapowder and let it come to boil again in order to infuse the flavour of the ginger and cardamom into the tea and to get the colour you prefer.

Turn off the flame. Filter this through a tea strainer and add sugar as you needed. Serve it hot.

My Recipe Notes on Ginger Cardamom Tea:

> The measurement of tea powder, sugar, cardamom and ginger always depends as per ones’ likeness. Usually I take 1:1 ratio of milk and water for making tea.
> If you prefer your tea little lighter, then increase the amount of water.
> The amount of tea powder depends on how stronger you prefer your tea would be.
> Tea bags or tea leaves also may be used instead of tea powder.
> Use good quality fresh whole milk always.
> For getting stronger tea, allow it to boil a little longer.
> You can use honey or even maple syrup instead of sugar.


Take all ingredients of Ginger Cardamom Tea. Boil water, add minced ginger

Add crushed cardamom

Add milk and sugar

Next comes the turn of tea powder

Mix it well and filter it.

Serve Ginger Cardamom Tea hot.. 
Happy Cooking



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  • Indrani (2015-11-09 12:48:16)
    That is very elaborate! :) (No link back to commentator? )
    Seena Koshy (2015-11-09 20:01:34)
    hehe.. Love that comment Indrani.. Thank you..
  • Sunaina (2015-11-08 17:31:24)
    Who can resist Adrak wali chai....!....:)
    Seena Koshy (2015-11-08 20:38:56)
    you said the fact Sunaina.. Thanks for stepping by.. :)
  • rajiv (2015-11-07 22:02:44)
    good idea; must try
    Seena Koshy (2015-11-08 00:33:31)
    You are welcome..

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