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Gajar ka Halwa Recipe / Carrot Halwa / My 100th Blog Post

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe / Carrot Halwa / My 100th Blog Post

Gajar ka Halwa Recipe / Carrot Halwa Recipe / How to make Homemade Gajar Halwa / Punjab’s Carrot Pudding.

It’s celebration time!! I am so delighted and excited.. This is my 100th Recipe Post / 100th Blog Post. It took almost two years for me to reach that number. As a working woman, and that too a teacher`s job, the reason is quite obvious. It wasn’t an easy move for me as I spend time on blogging only on weekends!! I remember, I started a blog in Blogspot, say,
Blog Spot of Seenas Food Basket two years back with zero knowledge in designing that. I was completely blank then how to start a blog. I watched a lot of videos and then started it.  When Reji saw me doing everything in a dedicated and sincere way, he only decided to make it as a website Seenas Food Basket. 


When I started blogging almost two years back, I never thought I would be able to perpetuate it for more than two or three months.. Now I am so gleeful that I could take it this far. It happened because of the encouragement and support given by my husband Reji, my family, my friends, my blogging friends, my well-wishers and not the least, my readers.. hurrah.. Love you all..  I am taking this opportunity to say my gratitude and thanks to each one of you, without you all, I wouldn’t have made it this far.. 

The number 100 or a century is always associated with some special moments in our lives. We celebrate a century in so many ways; be it 100th birthday, 100 runs in Cricket, 100 days of a movie or even 100 likes on our Facebook page. Today, it’s my day to celebrate, as it’s my 100th Recipe Post / Carrot Halwa / Gajar ka Halwa.

I was hit with writer’s block confused thinking what I should write for the 100th Recipe Post. This was not because I was short of ideas but was full of ideas or topics for the same, but I was confused which would be the apt one. After a short discussion with my husband and a few of my positive critics, I decided I should write something on a personal level.

‘My journey as a blogger was something which the majority suggested. Yeah, that’s cool..  Becoming a blogger was something which happened in my life without much planning. This is my second year as a blogger and now I can count the unexpected ways blogging has changed my life. Not just that my website is becoming an inspiration to thousands of people but that it has certain positive effects on me at a personal level. It’s a matter of pride when people identify me as Seena of ‘Seena’s Food basket’. The positive changes which the discipline of blogging brings are many. Blogging has forced me to learn new life skills- something like skills that enable us to deal effectively with the trials and challenges of everyday life!!

I never thought I could be a entrepreneurial type of person, but blogging has made me one and now I enjoy all the excitements that it brings along. More importantly, blogging has helped me communicate inspiration using the power of words. Initially I had this doubt whenever I was about to hit the ‘post button’, is it okay? Will this convince my readers? or Did I include everything or even more I had to? I felt I was taking a big risk. But with two years of blogging, the task has become easier and I now click ‘Post Button / Save Button’ with confidence and not fear or doubt.

Self –promotion is vital since there are hundreds of millions of websites. Networking has helped me develop genuine friendships and contacts online. These are things I never dreamt of having. As a result of networking, I have many true friends around the world and if they ask me for help, I’d be there and vice- versa. I have become an observant and I should say I started thinking more about who I am, what I am becoming and the factors that helped me develop. The one and only thing which gives me little pain here is, I have stopped  reading books!  An indispensible aspect is that I have to restart reading abundantly. It’s true “Writer’s read”.

Here I would love to scribble, how I got attracted to cooking. We sisters used to assist our mom, who was a teacher and an awesome cook, in the kitchen cores and got to see how she cooked in our childhood, though she allowed us the complete task of cooking only after the completion of our degrees. She taught us the traditional form of cooking and that is the basic, without which the art of cooking becomes baseless. She started imparting cooking basic skills seriously when proposals started coming for us!!  Every great chef might have started this way and the best cook they know during their childhood would have been their moms. My mom is my biggest influence and inspiration. She is my silent support. It helped me grow a strong bond with food and cooking. Hence there is a strong side to me, which is of a homemaker. On my last visit to my homeland, dad told me that mom started writing recipes in a diary from the TV cookery shows for me and now, one diary is almost full!! Poor mamma, over the phone also she didn’t utter a word about this to me!! As always in hurry once we are in our place with lack of time, I couldn’t take that diary or even didn’t get a chance to see that!! 

After moving to Kinshasa, though I started teaching in an American school here, I found my weekends quite boring. Cooking and surfing internet became my new hobbies. Just like that I started posting my recipe images on my Facebook, which got many likes and comments. After that, many well wishers urged me to start a bog. Considering those demands, I thought yeah! I should grab this idea and make fruitful use of it and this resulted in the birth of our blog. After many days of research, I stumbled upon ‘Seena’s Food Basket’  . As I tell everyone this website is my baby and I’m experiencing the life and times of my mom hood. For me every night I sleep with lot of ideas and the first thing I think about when I wake up next morning is how to make my ideas a reality. I never thought that I would be the part of the food blogging world and establish myself as a food blogger.

My husband deserves special thanks, as it is he who recognised my skill in food photography and the very next thing that he did was, he bought me a DSLR camera, with two lenses.  I loved clicking photographs which is a very important asset of my website since I post almost all recipes with stage wise photographs, which is not very common among food bloggers. Food photography is a very tough job and it is very different from normal photography. Lights, angles, backgrounds, settings, modes etc., are all equally important with regard to food photography as it is not clicked in open shade, but I do it most of the time indoors or inside a normal kitchen with limitations which may not suit the ideal photography conditions. Many food bloggers make use of a professional photographer for clicking the pictures!!  That`s what I heard!! I think I have become a multitasking person doing everything from A to Z `from shopping to editing recipe
´, on my own unlike others!! 

All my dishes come directly from my kitchen. I share healthy recipes with TIPS to improve, which my readers always appreciate.   They are my source of inspiration. I get praised and criticised as well which helped me improve and also learn a lot of things every day. To take all feedbacks positively is very important with regard to blogging since only criticism helps make your quality better and knowing when to ignore a negative comment is crucial here.

This world of food bloggers is a huge one and initially it surprised me. Food blogging has become so competitive that only creative, innovative and original blogging sells and only they will have a future. This website comes in the top of my bucket list now. I have learned to strike a healthy balance between family, blogging, work, exercise, rest and social life. And I have acquired this skill only because I started blogging. I still have so much to learn and for my 200th Recipe Post (If God is willing), I am sure I will have 100 awesome things that blogging taught me.. 

I am sorry if I am boring you..  So let us go to the recipe of today, Gajar ka Halwa Recipe / Carrot Halwa Recipe. This sweet dish is also known as Punjab`s Carrot Pudding. 

Related to the celebration of my 100th recipe post, I was thinking which recipe fits the occasion the most and decided to go for a cake, which I already made. Then my daughter suggested to add a sweet dish, as sweet dish will add more sweetness to the situation, rt? Then I went for making this sweet dish, Gajar ka Halwa, which originated in Punjab.. You may also be interested in the other sweet dishes of this blog like, Strawberry Cookies, Kaju Burfi / Cashew Fudge, Doodh Peda / Milk Peda, Chocolate Burfi / Chocolate Fudge, Sweetened Rice Flakes, Ghee Roasted Bananas ..

A small note here. I remember the day I first had this sweet dish. It was one of the Teacher’s Party Day that we celebrated in Career Campus, Sharjah. The rule of the party was not to give the menu to the catering service, but we the whole staff would make their own favourite items and bring to the campus.. Each and every person had to make one dish for the whole group for that day. Everybody started discussing on what the dish they all are going to make for the occasion, the recipes etc., We all discussed it during break time, over the phone..ooo lala, infact the whole week.. I could see some of the teachers discussing their repeated attempt failures, may be the first timers in the kitchen..  also using the days as the best opportunity to learn some new recipes from others to make.. After all these perplexed days and discussions, the day came and as agreed by everybody, the yummy and delicious dishes appeared on the party table.

Now of course, you must be thinking about the dish I made for the day. After days of thinking, eventually I decided to go for my favorite
Caramel Custard. Got appreciation as well. The lunch menu had so many yummy dishes and so all of us were troubled to decide on which dishes to go for first!! We all had the lunch happily since it was absolutely a heaven on our plates!. The table was full of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, starters, drinks etc. and desserts afterwards..  All of us were not having any more rooms to test and taste all those dishes. 

Lemme come to the point, One of our colleagues, I still remember a chemistry teacher, Sreelatha (I guess, hey, it was almost 11 years back.. ) from Chennai made this Carrot Halwa and brought it for the day. Wow, the day I tasted this sweet dish for the first time. It was awesome. Since that day this dish was there in the bottom of my heart to try out one day.. At the same time, something that hauled me back was the tedious effort one has to put in to make this one. That’s what I heard..  Hey, someone scared me that day saying the continuous mixing part of the dish while making it.. But I have realised that it was not a strenuous work as how my impression was, when I put it to the test. Thank God, it came out superb on my first attempt itself, with good texture. It was not mushy or crunchy..
So the rest of the story later..  
Carrots are known to improve our vision power, it slows down aging, good for losing weight, the carotene antioxidants in carrots reduce the risk of cancer.

Here it is the winter time and so carrot is one of the vegetables fit in for the season., since winters are the best time to have carrots. 

Preparation Time : 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 30 minutes
Servings – 6
Recipe Type – Dessert
Calories - 40 per serving
Posted by : Seena

Ingredients for Gajar ka Halwa Recipe:

500 grams Carrot (mine was 526 grams)
1 ½ cups Milk
2 tbsp. unsalted Cashew nuts
2 tbsp. Raisins (optional)
¾ cup Sugar
2 tbsp. unsalted Butter / ghee
Few Saffron strands
3 Cardamom pods
Few Almonds for garnishing

How to Make Carrot Halwa:

Rince, trim both ends of the carrots. Using a peeler lightly scrape the outer skin. grate carrots to thick strands by using a grater. Keep it aside.

Heat a thick bottom pan on medium heat. Add in butter. When the butter melts, add cashew nuts and fry until golden brown. Drain it from the pan and keep it aside. Add the grated carrots into the same pan and sauté for about 5 to 8 minutes till the raw smell vanishes. Now add the milk to this and cook while stirring it often till the milk reduces to half the quantity. This may take about 15 minutes. Now add the Sugar and saffron strands. Once you add the sugar, the mixture will become liquefied. Cook until the mixture thickens. It will take near about 12 minutes.

Turn off the heat, sprinkle crushed cardamom pods, fried cashew nuts and raisins. Mix well. Garnish with almond silvers or shredded almonds. Serve this Gajar Halwa hot or warm.

My Recipe Notes and Tips on Gajar Halwa Recipe:

1. You can use a food processor for grating carrots. After cutting both ends and peeling the carrots, if you microwave it for 1 minute, it would be easier to grate the carrots.
2. I have used Full Cream Milk.
3. The raw smell of the carrot should not be there at all.
4. Adjust the quantity of sugar as per your preference.
5. This can be stored in the refrigerator.
6. I love cashew nuts and raisins in the halwa, though raisin is not that common here (you can avoid adding it). Always I go for little more cashews where ever it is required.. The reason is quite simple, I love Cashew Nuts.. 
Pictorial / Stagewise Pictures of Gajar ka Halwa:










Serve Gajar ka Halwa / Carrot Halwa with your loved ones.. 

Happy Cooking


Seenas Food Basket

Hope you all try this and let me know what you think.. If you make this recipe, take a picture and email it to seenasfoodbasket@gmail.com. We love to see your creations..

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Simple and Delicious Carrot Halwa / Panjab`s Gajar Halwa Pudding Recipe

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  • Lurraine (2017-01-04 10:14:04)
    Well presented and a very good write up! Enjoyed reading it. This dessert looks amazing. just gorgeous! Cant wait to try making it at home.
    Seena Koshy (2017-01-22 23:32:56)
    Thanks a lot sweet heart. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you do try and make this. Let me know if you do..
  • Jaylon (2016-10-05 11:22:38)
    Gajar ka Halwa looks so delicious Seena. Nice article to read. Keep going!
    Seena Koshy (2016-10-07 05:51:53)
    Thanks Jaylon
  • Padma Veeranki (2016-08-05 01:59:34)
    Hey sweetie....you deserve a big applause dear..Congratulations on your 100th post!!...Way to go dear and wish you all the success in future. Loved to know more about you on the personal front...though I think we do have a special connect. How could I delay in congratulating you....Btw halwa looks super delicious :)
    Seena Koshy (2016-08-06 14:26:50)
    Thanks a lot Padma.. :)
  • Kanak Hagjer (2016-07-29 22:28:07)
    Seena, congratulations on your 100th post! Wish you many many more! Loved reading the details that you have put in this post. Delightful photos as usual. Happy blogging!
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-29 22:39:44)
    Thanks you so much Kanak.. If God is willing dear.. Happy to read your comment too.. :)
  • srividhya (2016-07-26 02:31:24)
    Hi Seena, Congrats on your 100th post. I can completely understand your situation. You know what, it took 4.5 years to reach my 100th post. I started my blog when my kiddo was 6 months old and took my own sweet time to make it active. Enjoy blogging and congrats again :-) Great recipe to enjoy the occasion.
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-26 03:23:29)
    Thanks so much Srividya for stepping by and for the nice words.. So we are riding on the same boat dear!! It was a total pleasure reading your thought.. :)
  • Sandhya Nadkarni (2016-07-24 07:26:40)
    Seena, Congratulations on your 100th post ! You have an awesome blog. I do all my blog work myself too, so can totally relate to what you are saying.
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-25 00:29:08)
    Thanks a lot Sandhya.. We will be in touch dear.. :)
  • swathi (2016-07-23 07:00:23)
    Congrats on 100th recipe post, Love gajar ka halwa.
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-23 15:17:28)
    Thanks a lot Swathi.. :)
  • Anu - My Ginger Garlic Kitchen (2016-07-21 22:04:37)
    This halwa looks super D-LICIOUS. I wish I could have a warm bowl right away.
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-22 15:47:10)
    Thanks a bunch Anu..
  • http://vegindiangoodfood.blogspot.in (2016-07-21 10:33:07)
    Hello Seena, Congratulations dear for your 100th post. . and this Looks Fantastic, awesomely delicious and very beautifully presented! Love it!
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-22 15:48:53)
    Thanks a lot for the nice words dear.. :)
  • Rani Vijoo (2016-07-20 18:30:33)
    Congrats Seena for your 100th post ..Carrots halwa looks delicious! Keep going with your good work, God Bless!
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-21 01:13:49)
    Thanks a lot Rani.. :)
  • Rani Vijoo (2016-07-20 18:30:33)
    Congrats Seena for your 100th post ..Carrots halwa looks delicious! Keep going with your good work, God Bless!
    Seena Koshy (2016-10-07 06:03:10)
    Thanks Rani
  • Anupa Joseph (2016-07-20 11:08:27)
    Thanks for stopping by my space...You have a wonderful blog here with amazing recipes...Happy to be following you... Congrats on the 100th post...and what an amazing way to celebrate it with that yummy carrot Halwa...love it
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-20 14:19:06)
    Thanks Anupa.. Happy to meet you here in my space.. :)
  • Ritu (2016-07-19 14:30:11)
    Congarts on your 100th post. This means your site is well accepted. You chose the right recipe for your 100th post. One of my favorites. Well presented.
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-19 15:08:54)
    Thanks for dropping in .. Your words are my treasured inspirations.. :)
  • Jolly (2016-07-19 13:43:47)
    Congratulations for ur 100 post and gajar ka halwa is the best way to celebrate. This is one of mine & my family fav dish, never say no to halwa and yours looks really yummilicious..Try with icecream(heaven on earth ☺)
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-20 04:31:19)
    Thanks a bunch dear.. Thanks so much for having me today Jolly.. It was a total pleasure.. With Ice cream it would be so tasty.. :)
  • Rafeeda@The Big Sweet Tooth (2016-07-19 12:51:27)
    That is such a long post! 2 years and 100 posts is definitely not a small achievement... standing motivated in between all that happens is all what matters. It is good that you have support from your family, friends and relatives... it makes life much easier with the blog... What more that the evergreen gajar ka halwa to celebrate this lovely occassion... One of my favorite desserts, anytime...
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-19 15:08:13)
    Thanks a lot Rafeeda.. This is so motivating.. :) I feel so charged up after reading your comment!!
  • Priya (2016-07-19 10:40:30)
    This one is my all time family favorite recipe
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-19 12:08:34)
    Thanks Priya.. :)
  • Kushi (2016-07-19 09:45:33)
    Mouth watering recipe dear. Congratulations on your 100th recipe. Great way to celebrate. Wish you many more year of success :-)
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-19 12:09:57)
    Thanks a lot Kushi.. :)

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