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Curry Leaves Chutney Powder Recipe / Kariveppila Chammanthi Podi Recipe / Curry Leaves Idli Powder Recipe / South Indian Curry Leaves Chutney / Curry Leaves Chutney Dry

Curry Leaves Chutney Powder Recipe / Kariveppila Chammanthi Podi Recipe / Curry Leaves Idli Powder Recipe / South Indian Curry Leaves Chutney / Curry Leaves Chutney Dry

Kariveppila or Curry Leaves adds medicinal values as well as taste to our food!!!! 

We, Indians use curry leaves known as Kari Patta in Hindi, mainly for seasoning which gives an intense aroma all around. We usually fry curry leaves either in the beginning with chopped onions or at the end of the preparation while seasoning for the cooked curries. It enhances the taste and flavor of the curries. But when we see cooked curry leaves in our plates, we pick them up and discard them, don’t we? Unfortunately most of us push them aside on our plate. Hmm, nowadays whenever I see them on my plate, I swallow it thinking of numerous nutrients it brings in!!

We surely will start loving this medicinal plant when we realize its excellent healing and medicinal power. 

Curry leaves are a very rich source of folic acid and iron, which helps fight anemia. It has got anti-inflammatory benefits and so it improves digestion. It is also a rich source of Vitamin A which prevents cataract. It is good for treating diabetes too.

Curry leaves have an amazing power to reduce the heat of our body and it’s good for improving eyesight. Wow!!! Still you can’t love it? 

Recently I read an article somewhere which says about the benefits of curry leaves to our hair. It was really an awesome article which makes us aware of the benefits of curry leaves and most part of the article was totally a new knowledge to me. I heard in my childhood from one of my aunties that to reduce the cholesterol level one should consume the curry leaves water. For this you have to boil water with curry leaves for minimum half an hour and then filter it and use it.

You can store this in refrigerator and use it for the next few days as it’s difficult to make this healthy water daily. Thanks to the aunty who gave me this very important health tip, I can now share with other people who are suffering from cholesterol.

We get curry leaves in Indian supermarkets in Kinshasa, but often not that fresh. Curry leaves are not so common here unlike in Kerala. Thank God, here my cook brings fresh bunch of curry leaves whenever I ask him for. It’s quite difficult to grow our own curry leaves plant in big pots if we don’t have outdoors.

My parental house is having one big curry leaves tree since I was a child and we used to trim it often so that new branches comes out. Local vegetable vendors use to come there to get curry leaves and my mom use to give them for free.. 

Curry leaves have a short shelf life. What I do here when I get the fresh curry leaves is, wash them well in cold water, pat fry it, fold it in a wet cloth and keep it in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator. For me it works out well and we can keep it for two or three weeks..  

Here we go.. 

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients for Curry Leaves Chutney Powder:

Curry leaves – 2 cups (loosely packed)
Grated Coconut – ½ cup
Oil – 1 tbsp
Mustard Seeds – ½ tsp.
Cumin Seeds – 1 tsp.
Fenugreek Seeds – 1 tsp.
Chana Dal (split Bengal gram) – ½ cup
Urad Dal (Split Black Gram) – 2 tbsp.
Tamarind pulp – 1 tsp.
Red Chilies – 5
Black Pepper Corns – 1 tsp.
Garlic - 2 cloves
Asafetida (Hing) powder – a pinch
Salt – to taste.

How to Make Karivappila Chammanthi Podi:

Remove Curry Leaves from its stalk and wash it well. Pat dry it and keep it aside.
Heat a thick bottom pan in medium heat. Add oil. When the oil is hot enough, add mustard seeds. When it pops up, add cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and asafetida powder and sauté. Add Pepper corns and dry red chillies. Now add Garlic cloves and fry. Add chana dal and urad dal. Dry roast till it gets golden brown. Transfer all these in to a plate and keep it aside.

In the same pan dry roast the grated coconut till it gets golden brown. Lower the flame and add curry leaves. Add curry leaves. Sauté till the curry leaves are crispy. Once everything cools down, transfer all ingredients to a blender along with salt and grind to fine or coarse powder. Your Curry Leaves Chutney Powder is ready for serving.

My Recipe Notes and Tips on Kariveppila Idli Chammanthi Podi:

1. Take all ingredients without allowing moisture in it.
2. Use this for a couple of days. If you want to use it for a longer period, put it in an air tight container and keep it in the refrigerator.
3. You can make curry leaves crispy by using microwave.
4. This goes well with curd rice, a good combination with dosa and idli etc.,

Serve Curry Leaves Chutney Powder with Rice, Idli, Dosa etc.,

You can try out my
Homemade Garam Masala Powder which gives a fresh taste and aroma to your dishes..  

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Happy Cooking


Seenas Food Basket.

Curry Leaves Chutney for Rice / Kadi Patta Chutney Powder Recipe / Karuveppilai Chutney Powder Recipe / Easy Karyappila Chutney Powder Recipe.

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  • padma (2015-05-20 03:07:55)
    Love curry leaves and that plant looks awesome..This podi is perfect for me!!....looks super yummy!!
    Seena Koshy (2015-05-23 06:02:25)
    :) yes, it looks so attractive Padma. I love to add curry leaves in my curries.. It goes well with curd rice..
  • Sudheerak (2015-05-19 18:53:42)
    Beautifullll Recipe...
    Seena Koshy (2015-05-20 00:44:19)
    Thank you
  • bensi (2015-05-19 01:10:32)
    Amazing recipe
    Seena Koshy (2015-05-19 03:00:04)
    Thanks Bensi for peeping here..
  • sundari (2015-05-18 19:49:56)
    Have a bunch of it..will try ur recipe soon
    Seena Koshy (2015-05-23 06:04:06)
    thanks Sundari.. Have a great day..
  • IndiBlogger.in/Journalist (2015-05-17 18:07:33)
    Nice blog. Very useful tips. Well explained.
    Seena Koshy (2015-05-17 21:06:07)
    Thanks for your thought.. Really appreciate you for that..

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