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Curd Rice / Thayir Sadam / How to make Curd Rice / Yogurt Rice

Curd Rice / Thayir Sadam / How to make Curd Rice / Yogurt Rice

Curd Rice Recipe / Thayir Sadam / How to make Curd Rice / Yogurt Rice / South Indian Style Yogurt Rice / Thalicha Thayir Sadam Recipe / 

Whenever I think of
South Indian Cuisine, the first thought comes to my mind is dishes like Curd Rice, Lemon Rice, Tamarind Rice etc. These are the signature rice dishes of South India. Curd Rice of South India tastes great. This is very easy to make on busy days. If I find enough curd in the refrigerator, I quickly mix up and make curd rice. It’s also a great dish to pack in the lunch boxes of your kids. All the ingredients we use for making this curd rice are very common and essential ones that are available in our kitchen. Curd Rice is very healthy and easy to make dish. It helps in digestion.

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I have some fond memories when it comes to Curd Rice. I did my M. Ed (Master of Education) in the University of Madras,
Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. I was staying in a hostel for doing that course. My aunt, (dad’s sister) was also was there in Chennai at that time and in the week ends I used to go there to stay there. She used to make so many yummy dishes to make me happy. Then on Monday morning, to go to college, she used to wake me up in the morning saying about the tasty breakfast items she had prepared for me. I used to go to college by bus, most of the days alone. While coming back, so many of us would be there. We enjoyed those journeys so much. I think Chennai is the hottest place in India. During summer the city burns. Thank God that our college was surrounded by so many huge trees, the only solace from the scorching heat of the sun those days. During the break time of the lectures, we used to come to the ground floor and would have Ilaneer (tender coconut water) with a straw.

One fine morning my dad visited my college and he brought some chocolates to distribute to my hostel mates and class mates. We went for shopping that evening. That was the day I saw for the first time in my life the facility of picking up things from the super market that we want by our own and putting those in to our trolley, other than the shop keeper packing everything for us. Remember, it happened years back, ok. That day I too came back with my dad to Thirumangalam,
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, where he was working at that time. I stayed there for almost 2 weeks till my dad got time to relieve from his work and to come to our home in Trivandrum with me. We had been invited for dinner for the next day to the house of the then M.L.A of Thirumangalam, N.S.V. Chitthan, as he was my Dad’s close friend. The time we stepped in to their house for the dinner, Shakuntala aunty, the wife of Chitthan uncle, placed one long flower strings with fresh jasmine flowers (kudamulla), on my hair, a custom of Tamilians who wear lot of flowers on their head, especially when they go out. They are so crazy of flowers!! Whenever and wherever we see people with string of flowers on their head, we can assume them as Tamilians!! 

We were served with so many varieties of dishes that day for the dinner and I remember that Curd rice was one of those dishes. That was the day I had this curd rice for the first time. It was superb and the taste of that yummy curd rice remained in my taste buds for a long time. In some part of India, people serve curd rice at the end of dinner or lunch.

Coming back to the recipe of Curd Rice. Onions, green chilly and all gives a wonderful aroma to this dish. Normally mango pickle or lemon pickle, papads or chutneys goes well with Curd rice. What else I want when I am so hungry!! Some people use only yogurt, but it makes the dish so thick.

Prepration Time: 7 minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes
Servings: 3

Ingredients for making Curd Rice:

2 cups of Rice
1 cups of thick plain Yogurt
1 cup of low fat Milk.
A handful of fresh and chopped Coriander Leaves

Ingredients for Seasoning Curd Rice

1 Green Chilly, slit
3 tbsp. Cooking Oil
1 tbsp. Black Mustard Seeds
1 tbsp. Chana Dal / Bengal Gram
1 tbsp. Urad Dal / Black Gram
1 tbsp. Chick Peas
¾ tsp. Cumin Seeds
3 Shallots or small onion
2 Dry Red Chillies
One pinch of Asafoetida or Hing
¼ tsp. Ginger powder
A few Curry leaves
Salt to taste

How to Make Curd Rice

Wash and cook rice with salt and cool it completely. Add yogurt and milk to cold rice and mix it well. Keep it aside.

Heat oil in a pan. When the oil is hot enough, add chana dal,  urad dal, chick peas, followed by dry red chilly. Add shallots and green chilly and stir it for few seconds.. When it turns slightly brown colour, add mustard seeds. When it starts to splutter, add cumin seeds. Next add Green Chilly and curry leaves. When the curry Leaves turn little crisp, add asafoetida and ginger powder.

Switch off the stove and pour this seasoning to the yogurt rice mixture. Add milk, salt and coriander leaves. Mix it gently until combined well.

Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves. Serve Curd Rice at room temperature with mango pickle of lemon pickle

My Recipe Notes on Curd Rice:

> Use white raw rice (pachari) for making this curd rice. No other rice will be good for making curd rice.
> You can use either freshly cooked rice or day old cooked rice for making this dish.
> The rice has to get completely cold  before adding yogurt / curd.
> I have used ginger powder here, if you want you can use ¼ " piece of julienned fresh ginger.
> Adding chick peas is completely optional. You can even use Cashew nuts.
> Don’t miss adding urad dal, chana dal and curry leaves which give the dish splendid aroma. Don’t let dals to burn.
> Adding 1 or 2 tbsp. of fresh cream would make the curd rice so yummy. (but, completely Optional).
> Curd Rice gets thickened as it sits. In that case, add little milk and loosen it before serving. 
> Mix curd and rice and other ingredients just before serving. That means, once it is mixed, serve it immediately. Otherwise, it will get sour and thick. In that case adding little milk would make the curd rice lighter
> Be careful in adding salt at the end of the preparation as we have added salt in rice while cooking.
> If you have overcooked rice, then the best option to make use of it is, to go for curd rice.

Serve Curd Rice with mango pickle or lemon pickle..  
Happy Cooking 



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  • Karan Thakar (2019-01-27 12:11:10)
    looks so fantastic.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-27 12:43:04)
    Thank you Karan.
  • Arunas Sara Chandra (2019-01-27 12:05:44)
    Delicious. Need it daily.
    Seena Koshy (2019-01-27 12:26:33)
    haha.. thank you Arunas.
  • shilpa mary (2016-10-15 21:57:02)
    Looks yum. And very detailed tips. Thanks seena
    Seena Koshy (2016-10-15 22:11:10)
    ho, I am really surprised to see you here shilpa!! Thanks for stepping in to this space.. Appreciate it.. :)
  • Jaylen (2016-07-18 18:43:06)
    The perfect curd rice! Thanks a lot for the recipe.
    Seena Koshy (2016-07-20 02:35:14)
    Thank you Jaylen..
  • beena (2016-04-11 11:55:02)
    My all time favourite. Looks so yummy
    Seena Koshy (2016-04-11 20:37:32)
    Thank you so much.. :)

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